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Three Mistakes To Avoid When Moving Into A City Apartment

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If you have lived in the suburbs or country for most of your life, moving into the city can be a bit of a change -- especially on moving day! To ensure your moving day goes smoothly, make sure you avoid these mistakes that some people make when moving into a city apartment.

Mistake #1: Not scouting out parking options in advance.

You don't want to arrive to your apartment to find that the closest place to park the moving truck is three blocks away. Parking is limited in most cities, so give your new landlord a call about a week before the move and ask where the best place to park the moving truck may be. They might be able to get the city to agree to let you park on a "no parking" zone for a limited amount of time to unload your items. Or, they may ask other residents to park in a different area for the day so you can unload safely.

Mistake #2: Not measuring doorways and stairwells.

To enter many city apartments, you need to pass through more than one doorway. There's often a main door, a hallway, and then the door to your actual apartment. If you don't measure all of these doorways and spaces in advance, you may end up bringing along furniture that does not fit into your new apartment. So, when you visit the apartment before your move, measure every doorway. Then, measure all of your furniture and get rid of pieces that won't fit.

Mistake #3: Not taking other tenants' needs into account.

Moving into a city apartment at 11 pm or 5 am is a huge faux pas. You'll be making noise that disturbs the neighbors, which surely won't get your relationship with them off to the right start! Make sure you schedule your move-in during daylight hours when you're less likely to disturb someone. If possible, try not to get too involved with your move around 8 am when people are scrambling to get out the door. You don't want them to have to trip over your items in the hallways while they're in a rush-- and traffic can be bad around this time, too.

To ensure your move goes smoothly, consider hiring a moving company that regularly provides service in your new city. They'll know the intricacies of parking in the area and navigating small city hallways! Contact a company like Northwest Movers Inc to learn more.