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What Services A Full-Service Moving Company Can Offer You

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If you need to move quickly and you don't really have the time for the entire packing and moving process, you should hire a full-service moving company. A full-service moving company can help you with the entire moving process.  

In-Home Inspection

When you hire a full-service moving company, they should come by your home for a visual inspection. During this visual inspection, they will discuss the details of the move with you. They will also be able to figure out if there are any elements of your home that will make moving more challenging, such as a tight staircase, so they can budget the right time for your move. Visually inspecting your belongings will also allow them to determine how much to charge you for their moving service. 

Packing Up Your Home

When you are short on time, you can have a full-service moving company pack up your home. They can literally pack up your entire home for you and get it ready to be moved. All you need to do is make sure that your belongings are in the right room and that they are properly packed so that the unpacking process is easier.  

Take Apart Furniture

When you move, a lot of your furniture shouldn't be moved as whole pieces. Instead, your furniture should be broken down into smaller pieces so that it is easier to move your furniture. A full-service moving team will know how to properly break down your furniture and protect your furniture when it is in smaller pieces. They can even put your furniture back together when they move your furniture back into your home. 

Move Your Items

Once your items are all packed up, they will move your items. If your move is within a few hours of your home, they will generally pack up your home into the moving truck and move everything in the same day. If you are making a long-distance move, they will transport your belongings to your new home over the course of a couple of days. 


Finally, you can even hire a full-service moving company to unpack everything at your new home if you really don't have the time to set everything up. Not only that, they will get rid of all the packing material for you as well.  

If you are short on time and have to move, hire a full-service residential moving company who can take care of your moving needs for you. They can allow you to move quickly without impacting your time or schedule that much.