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5 Clever Ways To Label Your Boxes For Your Residential Movers

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Are you planning to use a residential moving company for your upcoming move to a new home? Then one way you can ensure your move is fast and efficient is to label your boxes. Labeling helps to avoid confusion during the loading and unloading process.

Here are five clever ways that you can help your movers by labeling your boxes.

1. Use Picture Stickers to Differentiate Rooms

When your movers arrive at your new home, you'll want them to unload the truck as quickly as possible, especially if you are losing daylight. To ensure that your movers put your boxes in the right rooms, first create some picture stickers. You'll only need one sticker for your kitchen, living room, and dining rooms. But you'll need several stickers for your bedrooms.

To differentiate between bedrooms, place a number next to each sticker. Pictures are an easy way for a mover to identify where a box needs to go quickly.

2. Write "Heavy" or "Light" on Boxes

To save your movers from straining backs and limbs, write "heavy" or "light" on your boxes. This will help during the loading and unloading process. And as your movers move back and forth from your home to the truck, they can easily keep track of the heavy items that should go onto the truck first.

3. Number Your Boxes to Help You Keep Track

Number the boxes of each room in order. For instance, number boxes as "living room, 1 of 10", and so on. When you arrive at your destination, if a box is missing, you'll know straight away.

4. Use Colored Stickers to Indicate Importance

You can use red, yellow, and green stickers to indicate importance or fragility. However, you decide to use them is up to you. But this system can help if you are moving collectibles, fragile items, or items that you will need immediately upon arriving at your new home.

5. Label All Sides of Your Boxes

If you only label one or two sides of your boxes, there is a good chance that your movers might not see the label. If this happens with multiple boxes, your move could descend into chaos when you arrive at your new home to find that everything is a jumbled mess. Label all sides of your moving boxes to avoid confusion and chaos.

If you label your boxes in this way, your movers won't have any problems loading, unloading, and unpacking your things. This could potentially save you hours, not to mention dollars!